Blazing Hearts Ranch

Horses are what we do

Our Story

Blazing Hearts Ranch opened on November 1st, 2014. Existing in the hearts of the Duxbury family for many many years BHR was born out of a love for horses, a desire to create a safe and inclusive environment, and a history of family horsemanship. Though young in our tenure, we bring a vision and expertise to the industry which is second to none. 

BHR is family owned and operated by people who have lived, grown and invested in the local southern Alberta area.  It is here that we call home and where we want to be a part of the equestrian community.  We love this little area of the world and want to share our space with this community.

Foundational to BHR is the creation of a safe and inclusive atmosphere.  We have all been in places and environments where acceptance and cooperation were not at the top of the priority list.  We think it should be.  We think that everyone who wants to be a horse person should have the opportunity without feeling judged or looked down on based on what they know or the price tag of their horse.  We want everyone to feel welcomed and included at BHR and we work hard to maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere.

amara profile pic blazing hearts

Amara Finnerty (Duxbury)

Barn Manager – Western Trainer

Horse Boarding

BHR is a horse boarding facility. With a wide range of amenities and programs, it is the perfect place for horse and rider to continue their journey, wherever that may lead.

Riding Lessons

Horsemanship is at the core of our community. We have a variety of horse riding lessons available for all different disciplines and levels of ability. Lessons are not mandatory, but we love to see people learning and growing at every level.

Horse Training

BHR has a number of horse training programs available. Contact us for more information.

Horse Care

BHR is committed to equestrian refinement, a continual process of learning, growing and improvement. We have a number of vets, farriers, massage and physio professionals that we partner with and share their love for horse health and performance. We are here to provide the best possible environment for you and your horse, no matter what part of the journey you are at.