Tack Stores Calgary

Tack Stores Calgary

As a horseboarding facility, we visit a lot of tack stores in Calgary and we are constantly looking for great service, price and quality gear.  We also like a good sale.  You might be looking for a saddle, saddle pad, reins, halter, riding boots, bridle, women’s boots, ladies’ items, or a quick sale.

We also have gathered a lot of information from our clients and vendors about their experiences and such with tack stores in our great city. So here is the list…contact us if you have any questions or want to add an item.

Some of these stores still offer curbside pickup, which really isn’t a thing anymore but you can get that.

Most Important Tack

The most important tack for a horse rider includes a properly fitted saddle and bridle. A saddle should comfortably support the rider’s weight and distribute it evenly on the horse’s back, while the bridle must be secure and suitable for controlling the horse during various activities. Both pieces are essential for the safety and communication between horse and rider.

In addition to a well-fitted saddle and bridle, other essential pieces of tack for horse riders include:

  1. Girth or Cinch: This is a band that holds the saddle in place on the horse’s body. It needs to be snug enough to keep the saddle secure without pinching or irritating the horse’s skin.
  2. Stirrups: Attached to either side of the saddle, stirrups provide a stable place for the rider’s feet. They help in maintaining balance and proper riding posture. The length of the stirrup should be adjusted according to the rider’s leg length for optimal comfort and control.
  3. Reins: Attached to the bridle, reins are used by the rider to direct the horse. They must be strong and in good condition to withstand the tension during riding, especially in disciplines that require precise control like dressage or jumping.
  4. Martingale or Breastplate: These are used to stabilize the saddle and prevent it from shifting. A breastplate attaches to the front of the saddle and goes around the horse’s shoulders, while a martingale is used to control head height and prevent the horse from raising its head too high.
  5. Saddle Pads: Placed under the saddle, these pads help in cushioning the saddle, reducing friction, and protect the horse’s back from pressure points. They should be clean and correctly positioned to avoid discomfort.

All these items are crucial for ensuring the rider’s safety, comfort, and effective communication with the horse, making them fundamental for any riding discipline.

1. Impact Gel

Impact Gel is a specialty store that is operated by Amara at Blazing Hearts Ranch. You can check out the website HERE

Impact Gel Corporation was created in 2002. From inception, the company worked to refine its gel formulation and experimented with specific product applications for the gel.

What is Impact Gel?

Impact Gel absorbs and dissipates the force of impact and pressure points associated with inconsistencies of saddle fit.

Impact Gel is a patented material made of interconnected energy-dissipating molecules. These structures, called cross-links allow the gel molecules to move freely around one another while remaining linked.

Visit Impact Gel

Impact Gel doesn’t really have an in store experience but you can contact Amara or Blazing Hearts Ranch directly and see the products.

2. The Tack Collector.

Ok, so first things first.

Most horse people that I know are always looking for a great deal, especially on the tack that doesn’t need to be brand new or in perfect condition.

The tack collector is well known as a consignment store. They have over 2500 square feet of tack goodness for all types of disciplines and riders.

You have to be willing to search through what they have to find what you’re looking for but chances are good you can get something you need at a really good price.  You will also find lots of ladies boots, leather, women’s accessories, general accessories, sale boots, reg boots, and other sale items.

The great thing is you can also get some money on tack that you no longer need, and use that money for something that you do need. The Tack Collector does have an in store experience. They also have a website and good info for horses.

Check them out here

3.  Greenhawk

The only downside to the tack collector is what you see is what you get.   If you want something new or something that isn’t in stock you will need to go to a different store…one of those stores could be Greenhawk.

I think Greenhawk is the closest tack store to our ranch, at least in Calgary.

They have a pretty good selection of items and have all the major brands that you would probably be looking for.

It would appear from my perspective that they tend to aim their inventory at the English crowd and less at the western crowd.  So if you are in the hunt for some breeches, or some half shaps this is the place.  You will also find lots of ladies boots, leather, women’s accessories, general accessories, sale boots, reg boots, and other sale items.

I actually bought my half shaps there a few years ago and they have been great for riding.

You can check them out here

Greenhawk has an in store experience, they also have a website and good info for horses.

4.  Irvine’s

If Greenhawk is the closest Irvine’s is the furthest, but if you are in north Calgary area or Airdrie this is a great place.  Especially if you are in the western discipline.  They have a great selection of saddles and tack for the western rider.

My sister is a barrel racer and has spent some considerable time and money in this store.  I think she actually worked there at one point too.

One thing also is that they have streetwear for the more country folk.  I’m a non-country folk, but for all of you out there that are into that kinda thing, you can get your stuff there.  Skinny jeans prolly not tho.

Check them out here

Even though our facility is located in Okotoks this post is about tack stores in Calgary.  We visit a lot of tack and supply stores in Okotoks too…but that will be in a different post.

Irvine’s does have an in store experience, they also have a website and good info for horses.

5.  Spruce Meadows

So as with lots of people that compete in the English world spruce meadows is a standard when it comes to jumping.  You know that thing you do when you ride a horse over a jump.

Many of our people at BHR ride at spruce and compete there in Calgary Alberta.  They have an onsite shop / business but be prepared to pay a little extra for things.  Their prices are definitely the highest in the city.

They also have an online website version of their store, but it is un-secure so be careful giving them your personal information, you’re probably better off on Amazon anyway based on price, customer service and security.

You can check out their store here

They also have a website and good info for horses.

6. The Horse Store

Also known as not the guitar store.  Just kidding.  But in naming their store these guys kept it really simple and easy to remember.  I remember their quality being pretty good though.

I haven’t been there in a while but I always found their stuff pretty good.  The selection was good and I enjoyed the store.  Especially because I used to live on the west side of the city so it was easy to get to.

You can let me know what their stuff is like now.  Give them a quick view online as well.

You can check them out here

Well, that wraps up our tack stores in Calgary for now.  We will continue to update this list as we get more info.

Tack Stores FAQ

General Info You May Need

In Calgary, Alberta, tack stores offer a variety of services to cater to the local equestrian community. Many of these stores provide an “in store” shopping experience where customers can personally inspect and select from a wide range of horse tack and riding equipment. To accommodate those with busy schedules or who prefer contactless options, several shops also offer “curbside pickup,” ensuring a convenient and safe transaction. Furthermore, for ease of payment, most tack stores in Calgary accept major credit cards including American Express. This blend of service options makes shopping for equestrian gear in Calgary both flexible and accessible.